ECS Technology - Solar
Energy Convertion

The Energy Conversion System (ECS-SOLAR), consists of a solar technology with mechanical induction that uses controlled electrical pulses that induce an expansion on a circulating Nano-fluid. The high efficiency expansion generates a mechanical induction towards a conventional turbine and generator coupled system. The controlled electrical pulses are generated through conventional photovoltaic panels that are stored in high efficiency battery banks in order to activate the controlled thermal expansion of the Nano-fluid.

Solar technology with mechanical induction, framed in the Termo Solar classification, represents a system conceptually similar to those implemented in the projects of GEMASOLAR in Spain, IVANPAH in California and EnviroMission's Solar Towers in Spain and Arizona.

AWARALA CENTRAL ELECTRICA implements 29 ECS-SOLAR modules of which 3 are backup units having an individual capacity of 768 kW to reach the total installed capacity of 19.9 MW.

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