Licenses and Permits

100% Complete

Cost-effective and sustainable energy
without need for subsidy incentives

ECS-SOLAR technology (Energy Conversion
System - Solar)


Awarala, An Initiative for Clean, Secure and Renewable Energy

Awarala Central Electrica will contribute to diversify the Colombian energy mix by means of a non-conventional energy source that will be connected to the national grid with a capacity factor of 95% (Base load energy).

The first power plant of 19.9 MW capacity inside a master planned Industrial Park

Part of the Awarala Industrial Park with a total of four Power Plants and a total installed capacity of 139.8 MW after built-out.

We comply with 100% of the legal requirements

Current permits and licenses to generate 19.9 MW, operate and deliver energy to the NATIONAL GRID, creating an ideal scenario for future energy sales contracts.

Technology with modular implementation and own support

The Awarala Power Plant implements 28 ECS-SOLAR modular units of which 2 are backup units with an individual capacity of 768 kW to reach the total installed capacity of 19.9 MW.

Awarala 2017


Capacity Factor

19,9 MW

Installed Power




Occupied Ground

Awarala Phase 1 Power Plant
Phase One of the Industrial
Power Park

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Photographic Record 2015

Photographic Record 2019

Why Awarala?


It is the first project of solar energy with mechanical induction in Colombia.


The Project is fully backed by the developer of the innovative ECS-SOLAR technology not only by providing technical support but also by participating as a majority shareholder of Awarala

Cost Reduction

One of the first steady renewable energy projects with a capacity factor of over 95%.

Awarala a unique investment opportunity

Awarala Central Eléctrica S.A.S. is a clean and renewable electricity generation plant, with no intermittent generation and a 95% associated capacity factor that solves the availability problems inherent in non-conventional renewable energies.

Plant Capacity

It is equivalent to 95%, comparable to a thermal power plant or higher as opposed to a solar photovoltaic plant, which usually has an average capacity factor of 20%.

Area Efficiency

It requires 5 hectares to have an installed capacity of 19.9 MW, while conventional renewable energy projects require large areas of ground.

Network Impact of

With the capacity to deliver steady energy a medium voltage electrical grid, allowing the decongestion of high voltage networks in the National Transmission System.


The technology applied by Awarala, is easily replicable in other locations with very low restrictions in terms of required area and its high energy efficiency.


Do you know the technological scope of solar energy with mechanical induction?

We are here to make you part of Colombia's most ambitious solar energy project.


With them we generate the energy that transforms the future

The project's infrastructure is being executed by suppliers with great experience and proven track record in the sector.

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